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                  Pastor Aaron Davidson







The eldest son of Apostle A. and Evangelist B. Davidson, the husband of Elect Lady C. Davidson, the father of Aubri, Areiel, Aliyah and Aaron Davidson, and the awesome pastor of Cornerstone Family and Worship Church, Pastor Aaron Davidson is definitely an example of a true man of God.

Aaron Davidson has upheld a holy lifestyle that dates back to his junior high, high school and college years. He has always been a man of integrity-groomed to be a leader. Apostle A. Davidson relied on him in the ministry up until the day he left to be with the Lord. This was evident in the responsibilities assigned to him as a deacon, minister, and overseer.


In January, 2003 Aaron Davidson was publicly ordained as Pastor of Cornerstone Training Center, Inc. (now known as Cornerstone Family and Worship Church). He took his assignment seriously. Pastor Davidson sacrificed his time to stay in the presence and the word of God; he knew this was a requirement to receive both the anointing and tools necessary for the church's success.  Guided by the training he received from his parents and motivated by his passion, Pastor Davidson sustained the church through a major transition. He established a God-given plan and implemented it.

Pastor Davidson is simply young in the eyes of those who can see only age, but is young and strong to those who see in the Spirit. He is a humble, anointed, word-filled man that God has definitely chosen for this time.

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