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Overseer Beverly Davidson is the co-founder and Overseer of Cornerstone Family Worship Church. As a Las Vegas native, she has worked in ministry for over forty years. The majority of those years were alongside her husband, Apostle Albert Davidson, who has gone to be with the Lord. She is the natural mother of six children, but the spiritual mother of countless. Known for her genuine love, unwavering faith, and stance for holiness, Overseer Beverly Davidson has a genuine concerne about God people and is an inspiration to many across the nation.


Her mission travels have taken her from various states in the United States all the way to different parts of Africa. Everywhere she goes, the anointing and wisdom of God flows freely as she ministers; lives are forever changed for the kingdom.  


Overseer Davidson received her license to ministry at an early age and since then has been known as a mighty warrior of God. She has groomed and nurtured several Pastors/leaders in ministry; they seek after the wealth of knowledge she has gained through several years of service to the kingdom. Overseer Davidson has a passion for family and youth. She has dedicated countless hours counseling individuals in these areas and the successful fruit of her labor is evident. 


Overseer is a woman appointed for this hour, has the favor of God, and stands assured in her position because her anchor is in the Lord.

                  Overseer Beverly Davidson






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