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Who do contact in case of a death or hospitalization?


Member Care, Attn: Sister Tamora Locke- or 702.300.0045

What are the bookstore hours?


Sunday:  Before and after service

Monday-Saturday: After service

Tuesday: Closed

What are service times?


Sunday: Sunday Worship 10a| Monday: Corporate Prayer 6p| Wisdom Seekers: 7p      

Wednesday: Family Development 6:30p| Friday: Free 2 Worship 7p |Saturday: Enrichment Academy 10a

How do I become an e-Member?


Click Here to sign up and become an E-Church Member today.

Who do I contact for name or address change?


Member Care, Attn: Sister Tamora Locke- or 702.638.8745

Does CFWC have children's ministry?


Yes, we have children's ministry. (ages 3-6) (ages 7-12) (ages 13-16). To receive more information please visit our ministry tab or email us at:


If there is a question you have and your anwer is not listed below, please click here to contact us.

Does the Church offer marital/premarital counseling?


Yes, Cornerstone does offer premarital/marital counseling. You can schedule counseling with Overseer Davidson or Pastor LaTina Regan  702. 638.8745 or 702.300.0045

How can I find out more about the different ministries offered at Cornerstone FWC? How do I become involved?


Click here to see how your gifts can be best utilized to advance the Kingdom of God.

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