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Week 12, 4/1


Family Development notes

For every promise, every principle, and every prophecy, there is a faith process.


God needs us to participate in the process.


Faith Confession - A statement you choose to make, regardless of your situation.


When situations change our faith confessions DON'T!


Faith Confession - I choose to speak the truth!


I (we) must use my mouth as an offensive weapon to state what God says! God gave (me) us a sword, and it's time for us to move offensively, and use it! God is not going to force us, we have to make a decision to align our mouths with God's word.


"What is in you will come out with fire"


Faith Confession - I (we) are not in denial about what God has said, and choose to be in agreement with, his promises!


The fact is, this pandemic is causing fear, truth is "God hasn't given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind".


Faith Confession - I am going to declare the truth!


In order to get God involved, I ( we) have to speak his word, speak his perspective! We never want to lose site of partnering with the Lord, so I (we) must make sure that to stand in agreement with his word, his truth.


The enemy doesn't want us to respond in faith, so we have to prepare to fight the right way! We often times underestimate our enemy, because we are not prepared, not studying to show ourselves approved, or praying. Anytime that we make a decision to stay focused, the enemy will challenge us. Again, we have to be prepared.


Faith Confession - What's In Me Is Greater


Don't just get ready, WE have to stay ready, be "sober minded", and prepared! Right when we try to grow, the enemy or the inner us brings seeds of distractions, and discouragement. We must to be prepared. A serious commitment to the faith is essential . Not just a seasonal or passive commitment. The manifestation of God's plan is progressive, so we have to understand patience, connecting, studying, and praying without ceasing. If we are not seriously committed, we won't be able to withstand the schemes of the enemy.


Faith Confession - My faith is working, I (we) have to know it! Mark 4:26


We have to make sure that the right seed is getting in our soul!


Faith Confession - I Have Wheat Growing Up, Not Weeds!


We have to stop trying to shrink God down to our logic, or have to figure everything out! We can't minimize the greatness of God, to our understanding or level. When the rain hits...God's Will (Will) manifest. I (we) believe the report of the Lord. I (we) won't try to figure things out, but trust God's promises in his word! God is waiting on us to get out of His way, so He can move. Our (My) logic is fighting against the plans of God, getting in the way or blocking him! I (we) won't minimize what God is trying to God in my life because of logic, or my (our) logic! (I) We are fighting his encroachment in our lives. This starts with getting our minds right. I (we) have to participate. Asking God to let this mind be in me (us) that was also I Christ, give us a sound mind, the things he wants us to think on.


Faith Confession My (our) mind is God's space! We're tired of milk, but need the sincere meat of God!

Once we're free, we have to make a decision to not go back into bondage again.

2 Corinthians 10:5


We bring every thought into the obedience of Christ! Bring those thoughts into captivity, and get rid of them "IMMEDIATELY" As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he! We have to get our minds right, because the attack is coming! We can't sit and play games! We have to be aware, sober, our weapons are mighty, power on in us, the ability to win is in us!!!


We have to be careful who we are connected to! The enemy knows the word of God too! We must be aware. People will come in, and intimidate your faith. We MUST be strengthened! Not intimidated by people of weak faith! Discouragement can mount because of the amount of time! We must be patient with God's plan or process! Be careful who we are connected to! "Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners" 1 Corinthians 15:33


While we're waiting, God will give you (us) a strategy! 2 Kings 4


Faith Confession - God has given us (me) a plan of action!


We must stop moving so fast, we have to get the information on how to resolve, how to be made completely whole! We must be obedient to the process, following all the way through, not in part! We have to follow God's complete recipe! Stop throwing in the towel, and exercise some patience! The widow woman's problem was progressively solved! With Joseph, and the famine, there was a plan given by God, a process! The enemy will do everything he can to cause us to walk away from God's plan. Don't do it, do waver in your resolve! We must stop being lazy, faith without works are dead. What are we doing with the time that God has given us? We have to force ourselves to stay in faith!!!! Whether we don't know the answer, can't visibly see it, or things seemingly loom worse, we have to have confidence in God! He has been showing us that he has been moving on our behalf. He is just waiting on us to be tenacious!


I Choose To Be Tenacious Mark 4:14


"The sower sows the word"


Faith Confession - I'm Gonna Finish My Course, sow the seed, take the word and be intentional in my walk with God.


Our words should always be backed up with BOLD action! I (we) must to have work with my faith! Faith without works are dead. My (Our) study should translate into action or active faith! It has to be a personal experience, not just talked about, but lived out! We have to walk in, and operate in that faith! God wants us (me) to walk in faith, as maximizers, walking in ACTION FAITH!


Faith Confession - I Possess Action Faith!


Faith Confession - I am willing to act and stand until I see results!


Praising him, reading our word, and walking in faith, is essential, no matter what anyone says, or what trys to block us (me), even ourselves or past situations! When we touch him with faith, He will respond, the word will respond! We must reach out and touch him with our faith. Don't stop at speaking but start making bold actions!!!


Do research prepare ourselves, apply some wisdom, take action, and get some stuff done! Our words, and our works must line up. When they do, we will see the manifestation of our faith! God help us keep a guard over our mouths and minds! We must make sure we're exercising wisdom.


This Week:

"Evaluate what we say in prayer, and what we say in casual conversations. My (Our) faith works my confession, and my conduct!

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