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La Tina's identity is best defined by her passion for holiness and a righteous lifestyle. She was taught Christian principles from the time she entered into the world.  At the age of twelve, she made a conscience decision to accept Christianity as her way of life.  As a teenager walking with Christ, La Tina dared to be different; people of all ages recognized her as a leader.  Since being ordained as a minister in the Spring of 1992 and receiving her Evangelist license in the Summer of 2003, La Tina has spoken at countless community and civic events, worship services, educational seminars and inspirational conferences.  Scores have come to Christ and have developed into strong leaders as a result of her ministry. She currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Cornerstone Family and Worship Church. One of her many duties in assisting her brother, Pastor Aaron Davidson, is to orchestrate the annual So Unified Feast of Pentecost Conference. This powerful conference has received national recognition and is attended by prominent men and women of the gospel industry.  The favor La Tina has with God and man is evident.


The ability to motivate people is one of La Tina's strongest qualities. She strives to help men, women and children receive their best from God. Her viewpoint is that everyone has a destiny and purpose in life through God and its important to encourage the fearless pursuit of lifes dreams by showing that all things can be done through Christ.  La Tina is devoted to praising and worshipping God. She calls it her me time with her heavenly Father.  She seizes opportunities to bring to light her personal intimacy with God because she knows its an avenue that allows people to experiencing God's presence and unconditional love for themselves. In addition to being in the presence of God, La Tina enjoys smiling. She believes her smile is a sign of hope and that displaying an abundant, fulfilled, life of joy is the greatest witness she has to anyone in any situation. She has a passion to encourage and serve people in the way God has given her.

La Tina has a balanced life. Shes not afraid of hard work, and then in return, welcomes the fruit of her labor. Her hobbies are hosting events, writing and listening to music, reading, cooking and various forms of exercise. She is involved in her children's extracurricular activities including; ballet, tae kwan do, and a list of sports. She takes pleasure in going to the beach, long drives, massages, vacations, being pampered, hanging with close friends and most of all, being a wife and mother. Hanging out watching cartoons with her children or cuddling with her husband at home are her greatest rewards for a long day devoted to business- spiritual or secular.  La Tina is in pursuit of her Juris Doctorate and has a goal to finish and publish her father's, Apostle A. Davidson, series of inspirational literature. She is a woman who endeavors to please God with her life and will not settle for anything less.

                     Pastor La Tina Regan





La Tina Davidson-Regan is a Las Vegas Native. La Tina's up-bringing as the first-born daughter and eldest child of Apostle Albert and Evangelist Beverly Davidson's six children is what she credits for her drive for success, Christian foundation, and current accomplishments as an adult.

On December 4, 1999, La Tina married her childhood friend, Jason Regan. Their blessed and happy union became even more blissful upon the births of three beautiful, gifted children; Jlaiya, Jaron, and Jahzara.  Jason and La Tina were both raised in a healthy environment that promoted salvation, education, integrity, success, and, most of all, love. Family is valued. They have vowed to mirror these traits in their home by establishing and maintaining a highly prioritized, quality family life.

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