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Corporate Fast

Fasting and Prayer are used to help us realign our focus with God. Corporate fasting and prayer provides an element of agreement that produces results according to Gods word.  As we begin our Annual Fast and Prayer we encourage all who have volunteered to participate to be diligent and stay focus. Reading God’s word offers an excellent source of positive meditation. Please check here on the website, GroupMe, and social media outlets for daily faith declarations. We are here to support you.


Limiting food and leisure activities to spend quality time in the presence of God independent of/with minimal distractions, in order to draw closer and hear his voice clearly. To apply His wisdom in various areas (Faith, Family, Finances, Health, Relationships) that will result in maximize living.

Begins January 16th @ 12:00am and ends on January 29th @ after Sunday service

2023 FOCUS: Next Level Me

*Log on to Daily Corporate Prayer at 6a and 6p (425.585.6654)

*Read Daily posts of the Prayer Focus, Scriptures, and more

*Commit to Development Class on Wednesday at 6:30p

*Commit to SEA on Saturday at 10a

*Guard your hearts and spirits.

*Overall, stay intentional about spending time in the presence of God and with family that would normally go to social media, video games, TV/movies, etc.

We are giving God the first fruit of this upcoming year with this time of consecration.


Eliminate each of the following for the entire 13 days:

*Beverages with caffeine (coffee/coke), carbonation, corn syrup, fructose, and sugar.

*Sweets, junk food and snacks.

*Social Media, television, music and movies (home or theater). Christian based music and programming is ok. The goal is to quiet the noise that feeds your subconscious mind. Intentional mediation on the Word of God.

*Intimate relations (I Cor. 7:5)

*Addictive habits such as alcohol, smoking



(Each day builds on the next)

DAY 1-2: Eliminate all red meat (pork, beef & lamb) chicken, turkey & fish and desserts. Alternatives: soy protein (tofu), beans, rice & sprouts

DAY 3-10: Eliminate all dairy products: milk, butter, eggs, cheese, and dairy dressings (ranch, creamy types, bleu cheese). Alternatives: soy milk & butter, olive oil.

DAY 11-12: Eliminate rice, bread, all starches, and beans. Eat steamed, raw vegetables, and/or fruit, ONLY.

DAY 13: JUICES ONLY - fruit and vegetable type. Remember: Vegetable juices may have added salt, preservatives & sweeteners. Fresh pressed juices may be purchased from health food stores. Prayer, meditation, relaxation, and rest are particularly important on this day.

DAY 14: We will end our fast on day 14, after Sunday service.



⚠️ We strongly recommend gradually adding solid foods back to your diet. Fasting is optional.

 ***Please consult your physician prior to participating in this and/or any other form of fast and/or changes in your diets. Please note this fast is not a request to abstain from any medical treatment, instructions and/or care (ie prescriptions, required diets). Universal involvement is desired however, this is not an obligatory event***




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