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2023 Youth Conference

"Back to the Roots"






Friday- October 27, 2023


6 : 30pm - 6 45pm opening (doors opened , let people get arrived and settled in) 


6 : 50pm - 7:10 pm Desha open up with prayer


7:10pm - 7 : 15 pm Jaron do the opener give some back ground on the youth conference and theme with the meeting of a locking introduce our first speaker (zara) 


7 : 15pm - 7:30pm Zara will do her portion of her class 


7:30pm 7:50pm a game tied with Zara main point of her section and the theme back to the roots.


7:50pm - 8:35pm dinner and free play (pizza chicken) ( video games) (cards)


8:40pm 8:55pm Desha class segment


8:55pm 9:20pm game tied in with Desha main lessons and the theme back to the roots 


9:30pm I come up close do a review repeat the theme meaning and lock in meeting go over the rules of the sanctuary


9:30pm 10:00pm shutdown time


Saturday- October 28, 2023

Wake up 8 :00am SHARP


Breakfast and Q and A

 8:15am - 9 30am ( people not doing the restaurant may leave at 9:30am)


(Restaurant practice) only those who are participating 9 30am - 10:30 am (10:45 max)

Sunday- October 29, 2023

Entrepreneur Fair - Following Super Sunday Service

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