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Annual Fast



Fasting and Prayer are used to help us realign our focus with God. Corporate fasting and prayer provides an element of agreement that produces results according to Gods word.  As we begin our Annual Fast and Prayer we encourage all who have volunteered to participate to be diligent and stay focus. Reading God’s word offers an excellent source of positive meditation. Please check here on the website, GroupMe, and social media outlets for daily faith declarations. We are here to support you.


Limiting food and leisure activities to spend quality time in the presence of God independent of/with minimal distractions, in order to draw closer and hear his voice clearly. To apply His wisdom in various areas (Faith, Family, Finances, Health, Relationships) that will result in maximize living.

Begins January 3rd @ 12:00am and ends at January 16th @ 12:00 noon


Purpose is to be deliberate about praying without ceasing; praising continuously; blessing the Lord at all time; and in everything give thanks. 


We are giving God the first fruit of this upcoming year with this time of consecration.

4 WAYS (Food, Activities, Private & Corporate Devotion, Daily Declarations)

FAST: (Food)


1) 1 meal a day

2) No meat

3) No food (6a-6p)


FAST: (Activities)

Monitored Media & Activities 

Limit social media to business

Spend time feeding the things of spirit more than the flesh (books, vision board, inspirational movies; learning about financial health; biblical meditation; family time...)


*Daily Prayer (6a &6p)| Monday Corporate Prayer

*At least 1 -Teaching Classes (Mon(7p); Wed(6:30p); Sat (10a)

*Read the Bible in a Year with PT & EP



They will be posted here on the website, GroupMe, and social media outlets.


For healthy plant-based meals, visit for more information.

 ***Please consult your physician prior to participating in this and/or any other form of fast and/or changes in your diets. Please note this fast is not a request to abstain from any medical treatment, instructions and/or care (ie prescriptions, required diets). Universal involvement is desired however, this is not an obligatory event***








Day 2 Focus: Sharp Discernment 

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Day 3 Focus: Guard Your Heart 

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Day 4.jpg

Day 4 Focus: Awareness of Thoughts

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Day 5 Focus: Lifestyle of Prayer

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DAY 5.jpg

Day 6 Focus: Let God Lead

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Day 6.jpg

Day 7 Focus: I Love God More

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Day 7.jpg

Day 8 Focus: Diligence

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Day 8.jpg

Day 9 Focus: Let Go, Let God 

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DAy 9.jpg

Day 10 Focus: Prioritize God Give Peace 

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Day 10.jpg

Day 11 Focus: Invest in Spiritual Development 

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Day 11.jpg

Day 12 Focus: Overcome Evildoers

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Day 12.jpg

Day 13 Focus: Receive God's Love

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Day 13.jpg

Day 14 Focus: Praise and Thanksgiving

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Day 14.jpg

Here are some resources from Myles Monroe


(LONG more detailed VERSION)

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